Our Story

Connecting people through our passion for food

We believe that there are many great cooks living amongst us in our community. You probably already know a few of them. They may be your mother, your neighbour, your friend. At Heartland Chefs, we have met many great cooks who are stay home mums, caregivers, working parents and retirees – all instilled with a strong passion for cooking. Through our platform, we hope to enable them to share that passion with their wider community and rekindle the ‘Kampong Spirit’ where neighbours cook for one another’s enjoyment in the past!

Our Mission

At Heartland Chefs, our mission give us a strong direction and our purpose stems from these goals. Our mission comes in three-fold:

Home Cook Meals Accessibility

We aim to make home cooked meals easily accessible, enabling people to enjoy a taste of home regardless of their busy schedules. We believe home cooking can catalyze healthier food decision-making, especially in Singapore where our lifestyles are growing increasingly hectic.


We wish to create a more inclusive opportunities in food for people who need it the most - stay at home parents, caregivers, and people of underrepresented minority groups. Cooking is the most fundamental lever of economic empowerment, and the food industry has taken that away through its strict barriers to entry.

Community Bonding

We hope to encourage greater social and cultural interaction between chefs and customers who are living within the same residential estate. Through our platform, we aspire for our users to gain friendship through our passion for food.